Thursday, April 6, 2017

Playlist: April 5, 2017

Bob Dylan, Braggin'
Bob Dylan, There's a Flaw in My Flue
     from the new album Triplicate
Junk Parlor, Wild Tones
     Thu 4/06 @ Uptown Nightclub
     Fri 4/07 @ The Big Easy
     Sat 4/08 @ The Old Western Saloon
Midtown Social, Thinking Talking
    Wed 4/12 on Fog City Blues
     Sat 4/15 @ Mezzanine

Special in-studio guests: Jimmy Grant and Ross Howe

Jimmy Grant Ensemble, Bunicul
Montagne Ste. Genevieve (in-studio)
I'll See You in My Dreams (in-studio)
Drunk (in-studio)
Angelo Debarre, Csardas de Monti
Django Reinhardt, Billet Doux
Insomnia (in-studio)
Anniversary Song (in-studio)
Jimmy Grant Ensemble, Lynn's Blues

Battlehooch, Yeah That
Loco Tranquilo, Secret

Special in-studio guests: Royal Jelly Jive

     Sat 4/08 @ The Chapel

Don't Lead Me On (in-studio)
Boomerang (in-studio)
Tango Til They're Sore (in-studio)
Dear Mr. Waits
Boom Boom Room (in-studio)
Adrift (in-studio)

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