Saturday, March 19, 2022

Playlist: March 19, 2022

Book of J, La Caída de Amán (in-studio)
Terrie Odabi, Grinnin' In Your Face (in-studio)
Tiffany Austin, Music's Gonna Meet Me There
Kim Nalley, The Trombone Song (Big Long Sliding Thing)
Faye Carol, Chill With You (in-studio)
Cathy Lemons, I'm a Good Woman (in-studio)
Xandra Corpora, The Battle of San Francisco (in-studio)
Meklit Hadero, Sweet and Salty (in-studio)
Rupa & the April Fishes, Lay My Head Down (in-studio)
Royal Jelly Jive, This Land Is Your Land (in-studio)
The View From Bernal Hill, Easier Done Than Said (in-studio)
Lady Bianca, Sweet Baby (in-studio)
Karina Denike, Boxing Glove (in-studio)
Wendy DeWitt, Boogie Woogie Rambler (in-studio)

Moonshine Jelly, Lawr y Lôn (in-studio)
Cowboy Junkies, Little Dark Heart (in-studio)
Zazí, Pretty Fly (in-studio)
Carolina Chocolate Drops, No Man's Mama (in-studio)
Hot Club of Cowtown, Cabiria (in-studio)
Elana Jagoda, On the Seder Plate (in-studio)
Hannah Rifkin, Morning Glory (in-studio)
Kyra Gordon, Trouble in Mind (in-studio)
Rainbow Girls, Smoke Rings (in-studio)
T Sisters, Fight Song (in-studio)
Amber Gougis, Cry On (in-studio)
Bells Atlas, Spec and Bubble (in-studio)
Kendra McKinley, Sink (in-studio)
Kim Lembo, Love Will (in-studio)

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