Sunday, June 13, 2010

Humanist Judgment Blues: Live!

[ed.note: most of this post was written last weekend.]

Yesterday was a day of live radio. Well, not live broadcasts, but radio shows recorded in front of a live audience. Sort of. In the morning it was work, as I production-coordinated an episode of my main gig, Philosophy Talk, at the 69th annual conference of the American Humanist Association in San Jose ('nuff said?). Later that day, at the Brava Theater in the Mission, I attended the debut performance of Snap Judgment Live, a TV taping of the Oakland-based radio show that's been airing occasionally on KALW and was recently picked for distribution by NPR. That was sort of work too: back in late 2007, I was hired to help produce the pilot episode. I'll leave the critique to the critics; my takeaway (actually, my girlfriend's takeaway) was that we need to get a Fog City Blues Revue on the stage...

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